About the company

We specialise in the road transport. We organize shipments for our clients at home and abroad, based on our own experience and cooperation with reliable carriers and transport companies. We continually check and assess these companies to ensure that commodities are shipped smoothly in line with the needs of our clients.
The transport is organized between Poland and EU countries and on internal routes of EU countries.

We focus on:

  • full truck loads,
  • neutral goods,
  • loads requiring controlled temperature (e.g. food products),
  • refrigerated-type semi-trailers equipped with a temperature control device and isotherms.





Deneb Arkadiusz Biernacki
ul. S. Konarskiego 18C (Technopark),
44-100 Gliwice, Polska

E-mail & communicators

(+48)-739 427 945
RaalTrans: EVG
Trans.eu: 949772-*