How to verify Polish freight forwarding company – formal requirements

Thanks to transport portals and platforms, it is quite easy to find a company that provides forwarding or transport services. However, in this case, we usually limit ourselves to contacting the selected forwarder via messenger, e-mail or telephone. Lack of a direct visit to the company’s headquarters increases the risk that we will outsource transport to a dishonest or even non-existent company, which may have dire consequences.

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How to verify freight forwarding company – company experience

It is quite popular to consider cooperation with a company that has been on the market for many years should be safer and more reliable. Some freight forwarding companies which operate merely several years on the market, present itself as solid partners with a stable capital. Is cooperation with such companies riskier?
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WPCargo — installation and configuration

The installation process is quite straightforward and similar to the installation of other WordPress plugins. The plugin operates on WordPress default database and infrastructure, so there is no need for additional pre- or post-install tweaking in the web system. Thus, from WordPress plugins list we choose WPCargo and we select Install. Alternatively, one can obtain the software from the producer website, then upload  the to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

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WPCargo – an open-source cargo tracking system

Visibility of the shipment, package or cargo is a key requirement during its transport. The interest in just-in-time, reliable delivery, cost-effective logistics, and maintaining the integrity of goods leads to the development of many cargo tracking systems. However, nearly all of these systems are commercial products which prices are relatively high for start-up or small companies. Furthermore, additional cost must be incurred when the software is to be customised to the needs of a company.

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